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Enhanced Photoactivity of ZnWO4: The Charge Compensation
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周广刚1,卢贵武1,矫玉秋1,李英峰2,王坤1,于养信2 KDP晶体固-液界面吸附行为的分子模拟研究
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Orthosilicate Studied by First-Principles Calculations
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in (N, C)-Codoped ZnS Studied from Density Functional Theory
舒远杰  边亮 PPX聚合物内气体分子扩散行为的聚类分析研究
R.Q. Zhang,† X.M. Liu,‡ Z. Wen,† and Q . Jiang†,* Prediction of Silicon Nanowires as Photocatalysts for Water Splitting:
Band Structures Calculated Using Density Functional Theory
夏美荣李莉齐学强杨林江陈四国丁炜魏子栋* PtMo 催化剂抗SO2 中毒机理的DFT 研究
Shudong Wang1 and Jinlan Wang* Quasiparticle energies and optical excitations in chevron-type graphene nanoribbon
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of Al3BC3 at elevated temperatures and high pressures
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Yanlu Li • Xian Zhao • Weiliu Fan •
Honggang Sun • Xiufeng Cheng
Role of cross section on the stability and electronic structure
of Ag-doped ZnO nanowires
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A Comparative Study
Wen Qian Simulation Study on the Miscibility of Energetic Binder Poly(glycidyl nitrate) with several Plasticizers
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梁晓琴1, 2*   张殊1   黄平2     杨春2 STO和BTO薄膜生长初期的密度泛函理论研究
Yanlu Li,† Xian Zhao,† and Weiliu Fan†,‡,* Structural, Electronic, and Optical Properties of Ag-Doped ZnO
Nanowires: First Principles Study
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A periodic DFT study
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Liming Sun,† Xian Zhao,‡ Xiufeng Cheng,‡ Honggang Sun,‡ Yanlu, Li,‡ Pan Li,‡ and Weiliu Fan*,† Synergistic Effects in La/N Codoped TiO2 Anatase (101) Surface
Correlated with Enhanced Visible-Light Photocatalytic Activity
Xiaohua Chen,*[a] Hongjing Dai,[a] Jilai Li,[b] Xuri Huang,*[b] and Zidong Wei[a] The Effects of Biological Environments on the Electron-Relay Functionality of Tryptophan Residues in Proteins
Xiaohui Yu, Tingjun Hou, Xuhui Sun, Youyong Li The influence of defect on Mo-doped TiO2 by First Principles Studies
Zhiwei Feng, Tingjun Hou, Youyong Li The studies on the interactions between β2 adrenergic receptor and Gs protein by molecular dynamics simulations
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bonding of Fe/WC interface
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Conductivity of Y3Al5O12, YAlO3 and Y4Al2O9
WANG YingYing, ZHANG DongJu* & LIU ChengBu* Theoretical Study of NO Adsorption on Gold Surfaces 
Li, Huarong  Shu, Yuanjie*  Xiong, Ying  Yin, Ming Theory study on 1,5-Diaminotetrazole
Yang Li,Jing Gao,Qinliang Li,Mingfa Peng,Xuhui Sun,Youyong Li,Gang Yuan,Wen Wenb and M. Meyyappan Thermal phase transformation of In2Se3 nanowires studied by in situ synchrotron radiation X-ray diffraction
Shu, Yuanjie*  Li, Huarong   Theroy studies on the structure and properties of Zn(DAT)2Cl2
黄平1) 2)        杨春1)† TiO2分子在GaN0001)表面吸附的理论研究
Caili Zhang, Peide Han,  Zhuxia Zhang, 
Minghui Dong,  Lili Zhang , Xiangyang Gu, 
Yanqing Yang,  Bingshe Xu
Transformation of the θ-phase in Mg-Li-Al alloys: a density
functional theory study
Xiang-Hua Zhao, Peng-Chao Hu, Ling-Hai Xie*, Ming-Dong Yi, Wei Huang* Using TDDFT Calculations to Gain Insight into the Fundamental Basis of Spiro[fluorene-9,9'-xanthene] functionalized Ir(III) Complex
刘显坤,郑洲,兰晓华 ZrV2结构和热力学性质的第一原理计算
彭艳1  ,周惦武1,徐少华 ,彭平2  刘金水2 镀锌钢−6016 铝合金激光焊接组织性能与第一性原理计算
彭艳1  ,周惦武1,徐少华 ,彭平2  刘金水2 /铝异种金属激光焊接界面微合金化的第一性原理研究
Ma Juna,b Du Weixinga Liu HaobJiang Gangb 甲烷在Ir111)面上吸附的密度泛函理论研究
况联飞12,商翔宇12,赵晓东1 钠蒙脱土晶层间水分子结构分子动力学模拟